Calvin Calvin

6 year old Calvin is the character that the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is based around. He has a massive imagination which is what allows Hobbes to come alive in the comic strips. Calvin believes everyone has been put on Earth to serve him (a view which I'm occasionally guilty of myself) and he believes himself hard done by when he is constantly reminded that he has to work hard to gain the things he wants. Calvin spends most of his time trying to work his way around this and take shortcuts which more often than not land him in trouble.

Hobbes Hobbes

Hobbes is Calvins stuffed tiger but comes to life with Calvins imagination. Hobbes frequently acts as Calvins conscience, warning him when he's doing something wrong. Calvin rarely pays any attention to the warnings though which is when Hobbes goes along with whatever mischief they have thought up. Once the pair have inevitably ended up in trouble, Hobbes is the one left saying 'I told you so' yet when Calvin is really down or afraid you see the true friendship between Calvin and Hobbes appear.

Mom and Dad Mom and Dad

Calvins mom and dad have an incredible amount of patience where Calvin is concerned though they have been known to get incredibly frustrated with him. Calvins mom will often be found thinking up different ways of making him eat his dinner and chasing him around the house and garden at bedtime. Calvins dad is a keen cycler and camper, both of which Calvin has absolutely no interest in but his dad keeps trying to get him involved with.

Susie Derkins Susie Derkins

Susie Derkins lives next door to Calvin and is in the same class at school as him. Susie is the complete opposite of Calvin; she is very good academically, she enjoys doing homework and reading and the possibly the biggest difference of all, she is a girl. Calvin makes it his mission to play as many tricks as possible on Susie but because of the obviousness of the traps he sets and the high intelligence of Susie, they rarely work and often are reversed onto Calvin himself.

Rosalyn Rosalyn

Rosalyn is the only babysitter in the state who will look after Calvin and Hobbes. Every time she looks after Calvin, he comes up with new and bigger tricks to play on her and as a result, Calvins parents frequently have to increase the amount she is paid. While Rosalyn often gets frustrated with Calvins behaviour, it is also obvious she has an affection and understanding of him, most noticably when she plays games with him.

Moe Moe

Moe is the resident bully at Calvins school and seems to target Calvin an awful lot. He frequently stops Calvin and takes his money or pounds on him. Moe doesn't exhibit much in the way of intelligence and this is considered to be the reason why he bullies in the first place. Calvin even tries to reason with Moe on this but recieves another beating for his trouble.

Miss Wormwood Miss Wormwood

Calvins teacher at school is Miss Wormwood, a lady coming up towards retirement and feeling the stress of having a child as troublesome as Calvin in the class. Miss Wormwood always comes across as being very stressed due to Calvin and because of that it is hinted that she drinks and smokes a lot.

Uncle Max Uncle Max

For a very brief period, Calvins uncle on his dads side of the family comes to stay but this was only a very temporary thing. After appearing for one week, Bill Watterson didn't bring him back into the strip because he didn't want Calvins mom and dad referred to by name and this was difficult with another grown up around. It was hinted at that the reason why Max wasn't seen previously was due to the fact he was in jail but there is no reason given for him not being seen since.

Stupendous Man Stupendous Man

Stupendous Man is a superhero which Calvin has brought to life using his imagination and a special costume made for him by his mom. Whilst in Calvins eyes, Stupendous Man is a character of extreme strength and super abilities such as flying, everyone around him knows that it is just Calvin and get increasingly frustrated with his exploits while in the costume. Calvin always assumes no-one knows it is him in the costume and uses that excuse to create havoc but is always surprised when he is pulled up for the crimes.

Spaceman Spiff Spaceman Spiff

Spaceman Spiff is another of Calvins superhero creations though this one does not have a costume made for him, he simply has one in Calvins imagination. Spaceman Spiff is frequently being shot down in his spaceship and lands onalien worlds where he must fight off the horrible aliens. Spaceman Spiff was often used in the Sunday comic strips as it suited the larger sections.

Tracer Bullet Tracer Bullet

Another of Calvins creations was Tracer Bullet, an early 1900's detective who rarely does more than sit at his desk contemplating jobs. This is one of my particular favourite characters in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips as it brings back memories of the films I enjoyed as a child. Tracer Bullet is usually drawn in a black and white style so as to create the mood.