CalvinBall CalvinBall

One of Calvin and Hobbes' favourite pastimes is CalvinBall, the game whose only rule is that no rule should be used more than once. The game came about after Calvin was embarrassed in school for not wanting to play baseball as it is too organised and competitive for his liking. Every player in CalvinBall must wear a mask, though the reason why cannot be questioned. There are a number of objects used in CalvinBall including flags, balls and wickets though pretty much anything will do. Keeping score can be incredibly difficult; '12', 'Q', 'oogy' and 'boogy' have all been used in the past and it's pretty much up to the players exactly what the score is. Rosalyn played against Calvin and Hobbes once and managed to win after picking up the obscure no-rules very quickly. It is the one time we actually see Calvin and Rosalyn actually getting on well with each other.

G.R.O.S.S. G.R.O.S.S. - Get Rid Of Slimy girlS

G.R.O.S.S. is Calvin and Hobbes' club for those who dislike girls. Get Rid Of Slimy girlS main headquarters is Calvin's tree house and the only way to get access is to wear a special G.R.O.S.S. hat and sing the clubs song. Once there, the clubs main purpose is to discuss how horribly slimy girls are and to think of ways to upset girls. It usually ends up being Susie Derkins who is the target of Calvin and Hobbes plans but because of Hobbes' infatuation with having his belly rubbed, mutiny soon ensues. Arguments happen all the time in G.R.O.S.S. with demotions being handed out frequently though when Susie turns up Calvin and Hobbes usually put there differences aside and try to get her any way they can. If they are successful, medals for bravery are handed out and new songs are written in their honor.

Time Travel Time Travel

Calvin's imagination takes him many places but none so far away as when he uses his time machine. His time machine is actually just a cardboard box but such a simple invention sends Calvin and Hobbes on some fantastic adventures. The controls for the time machine are simple, if you wish to go forward in time you should sit facing the front of the box and if you want to travel backwards in time you need to face the rear of the box. Calvin actually discovered this quite by accident one day when he attempted to head into the future to stock up on futuristic inventions and ended up travelling back to the Cretaceous period. For safety reasons, goggles should always be worn when travelling in the time machine due to the light speeds involved and you should never wander too far from the box in case of a dinosaur attack.

Transmogrifier Transmogrifier

When not in use as a time machine, the cardboard box can be turned upside down and converted into a transmogrifier. The transmogrifier will change you into whatever you want to be using unknown technology from Calvin's imagination. In order to work the transmogrifier you need to write on the side of the box what it is you want to be and then point the built on arrow towards your choice. When you climb into the box, you are then zapped into your choice of animal (though it isn't restricted to animal forms). In a stroke of genius, Calvin decided to create a more portable transmogrifier so he placed the technology into one of his water pistols. This meant he could change anything into anything else by simply pointing the transmogrifier at it and pulling the trigger. Using this technology, Calvin as transformed into many things including a tiger, a dinosaur and an elephant. Hobbes uses his common sense and always declines to be transformed into something else, partly because he's dubious of Calvin's engineering skills and partly because he's perfectly happy as he is.

Duplicator Duplicator

Another use for the ever adaptable cardboard box is as a duplicator. By placing the box on its side and writing 'duplicator' on it, Calvin enables it to duplicate anything placed inside with a very loud 'boink' sound. Calvin originally gets the idea because he's fed up with going to school and doing his household chores so he creates duplicates of himself to do them for him. This idea quickly backfires seeing as none of the duplicate Calvins he creates want to do his chores either and in fact all he achieves is duplicating the amount of trouble he gets in. To get things back to normal he uses the transmogrifier to turn all his duplicates into worms so they'll have fun lives. Calvin then has the bright idea of adding an ethicator switch on the side of the duplicator so he can create a 'good' version of himself who actually wants to go to school and help around the house. Unfortunately, this plan soon backfires because any version of Calvin is instinctively naughty and as soon as his good version has a bad thought, he disappears from existence.

Snowman Snow

Calvin loves the winter because of Christmas and because of snow. He spends a lot of time outside once it snows doing all kinds of things including sledging, building snow forts, having snowball fights, building snowmen and attempting to cover Susie Derkins in snow. Being Calvin, these activities are not quite as normal as other kids; he has no enemies to attack his forts, he always picks the most dangerous hills for sledging down, he always seems to lose his snowball fights and his snowmen are usually deformed in some manner. More often than not, any Calvin and Hobbes comic strips featuring snow end up with Calvin face down in the snow or being criticised for his 'snow art'.